380W Beam Spot Wash 3IN1 Moving Head

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380W Beam Spot Wash 3IN1 Moving Head
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Product Specifications

Input voltage: AC100V-240V, 50-60Hz;
Ballast: Electronic ballast
Light Source: YODNU18 380 bulb/OSRAM 371
Average life span: 2000H
DMX channel: 16/24CH
 LCD display, DMX 3-core or 5-core signal input (RDM function optional)
Dimming: mechanical linear dimming 0-100°
Color: 1 fixed color wheel with 13 color patches + white light, linear color transition and rainbow effect
Static pattern: 11 fixed patterns + white, variable speed jitter/two-way rotation effect
Dynamic patterns: 7 rotating patterns + white light (optional patterns, easy to disassemble and replace, one angle is maintained well), variable speed jitter/two-way rotation effect, pattern diameter 22.8, usable inner diameter 19.5MM.
Dynamic Pattern Effect Board: An effects board with four patterns and cloud effects.
Prism: independent 25 prism + 16 prism, the prism beams can be overlapped, with angle adjustment and rotation functions (6 rows of mirrors can also be purchased)
Strobe: double strobe structure, 0-12 times/second. random strobe
Soft light effect: The angle of the soft light spot can be adjusted
Focus: linear zoom magnification, parallel beam angle between 2.5° and 62°
Beam angle 2.5°, pattern angle 48°, dyeing angle 62°
Lenses: High-precision high-temperature-resistant glass optical lenses
Horizontal scanning angle 540°
Vertical scanning angle 240°
Three-phase thickened motor, stable operation, fast speed and low noise
Weight: 22kg

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380W Beam Spot Wash 3IN1 Moving Head